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Our team at Kerley’s Nordic Woodland Walking can help you to get whatever you want out of Nordic Walking. We teach people of all ages and fitness levels how to Nordic walk using a range of courses to suit individual client needs.

Nordic Walking is ideal for:

  • Those who like to be out in the fresh air
  • People looking for a new, fun, sociable activity
  • People who have been inactive
  • People who want to get fit for a skiing holiday
  • Existing walkers who want to become fitter
  • People who have medical conditions which might limit their ability to exercise
  • People who have been advised by their Doctor to take more exercise
  • People with joint problems looking for a safe form of exercise
  • Ex runners with knee problems
  • People wanting to feel less stressed
  • Those who hate the gym
  • People who want to feel fitter, less isolated, healthier and happier.

Our team is:
Elizabeth Kerley, known to all as Kerley, has been an instructor for 4 years. She has a Nursing and Scouting background.

Ted Rose is a retired Cardiologist and ex rugby player/triathlete.

Gill Carwithen, Paul Carlisle, Maurice Magee, Lisa Ashall, Paul Appleton, Chris Leap and Liz Gwynne are all regular walkers who have trained as Assistant walks leaders so that we can look after you all when groups are large or when anyone is away.

This is what people say

“I love kerley’s Nordic Woodland Walking group. She is a inspirational trainer, and we have interesting conversations as we glide through the forest with our poles! Fitness made friendly”!
Ros Turnball

“It’s only taken us 40 years to find an exercise we enjoy doing!”
Judith and Gaynor from Norley

” I have been Nordic walking with Kerley for 18 months now and really love it. I started because I wanted to meet new people and also to help with a bad back. I’ve made some super friends, and my back has never been better. Kerley is a wonderful instructor and always makes he walks interesting and fun. I can recommend both, Kerley and Nordic walking to anyone , of any age and walking ability. Don’t think about doing Nordic walking, DO IT.”
Shirley from Manley (2012)


I have spent the last 10 years walking in North Wales and, since a friend introduced to Nordic Walking, it has completely changed how I walk. I am now fitter, have increased stamina, feel so much better and my tummy is flatter! Nordic walking is a great way to get fit for skiing, I was definitely fitter when we went skiing last winter. Nordic walking is also fun. Getting fit outside enjoying the countryside, walking with old friends & making new ones. What’s not to like?Jaqui from Ashton


I find that Kerley’s wellbeing programme suits my needs perfectly. The
period of brisk walking gets the heart going and the interspersed exercise
routines keep the back and other joints supple. All this takes place in a
relaxed social atmosphere in the open air, much better than the intense
ambience in fitness clubs.” John (aged 84)

Although I suffer from some joint and back problems I had never given serious thought to taking up regular exercise. When I did have a go on my own I openly admit I did not have the will power to sustain my limited efforts.
A friend who is less mobile than me introduced me to Nordic WellBeing classes. A Group participates in these classes under the guidance of a trained and competent Instructor, who not only programs and leads group exercises but also finds time to provide and encourage individuals. Participation in these classes has encouraged me to be more mobile , has increased my self confidence , whereby I am no longer afraid to tackle exercises I would not have done some months ago and has certainly improved my feelings of well being.
My wife joins me in these classes and she also testifies to their beneficial effects.
I would thoroughly recommend these Nordic Walking Courses to anyone, young or older who wishes to enhance their capabilities to feel well and better. In particular I would strongly recommend the Wellbeing sessions with the competent and effective instructor Kerley and her assistant instructor, Ted Rose who organises them. Bleddyn (84)



I am known to all as Kerley, and have been an instructor for 5 years. I have a Nursing and Scouting background, and as an owner of two dogs, I have always enjoyed walking in the countryside, being close to the natural world. Whilst escaping from the demands of 4 teenage sons and an untidy house, I have found that Nordic Walking enables me to really enjoy taking exercise at whatever time suits, whatever place suits and at whatever pace I feel like on that day. I find that Nordic Walking is a great way to help lift the spirits, relieve stress and increase activity and fitness levels in a sociable and fun way. It is a lovely way to make new friends.

Ted Rose

I am a retired Cardiologist and ex rugby player/triathlete. I have had medical problems of my own leading to my early retirement but have been helped enormously by Nordic Walking. I am now a trained instructor, keen to offer you these benefits as well.

Paul Carlisle

Paul describes himself as a mature retired person who took up Nordic Walking on medical advice. He walks with us twice most weeks and is now a walk leader, helping the team support a range of clients in Widnes’ Victoria park. He is a great asset, friendly, reliable and always keen to help.


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